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Hello Lori, I am truly impressed with the team you have built to serve your clients. I met with you and Shannon in early December 2014, and had no idea I would be a homeowner less than 30 days later! This petite lady with a “baby bump” is an example of everything an agent should be. She embraced me and my son as though we were family. She treated my son with the utmost respect and dignity that is a challenge to the trained professional in the autistic arena. She has an intuition about her clients to know when to express her opinion (good or bad) to the betterment of the client. Thank you for choosing Shannon to be my agent. Your business cards are being shared with everyone I talk to. May the year of 2015 bring you all that it can offer.

Marva Lee

I was referred to Lori and was instantly impressed by her knowledge and experience in the real estate field. Lori was the best Realtor EVER! Very knowledgable of the neighborhoods I was interested in. She was helpful and friendly, etc. etc. THANK YOU!

Kirsten Bosch

Our Realtors, Bruce Durham and Lori Mode, were extremely helpful in buying our first home. We will be working through them again when buying our second home!

Ryan & Christine Goodwin

I will refer our agents, Lori Mode and Bruce Durham, to anyone who ask. They were great! Lori and Bruce really worked for us and with us!

Lou Latimer

My husband and I were both really happy with your group. Lori Mode did a wonderful job in selling our house. Thank you!

Imelda Luna


“We have been meaning to send a note to let you know how much we appreciated the excellent service you provided on both our sale and purchase transaction. We liked your dependability, great listening skills, and that you’re a top-notch negotiator. You were always there to help when the inevitable issues arose and your team approach, working with Bruce Durham, meant that despite any possible schedule conflicts we were never without access and superb representation.

The other aspect which was immensely helpful and convenient for us was the network of professionals you put us in touch with – especially the exchange accomodator and title officer who helped keep our transactions moving smoothly. We can truly say it was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to our next transaction!”

Jim & Jan Rains


Lori and Bruce made the selling of our home on Lakepoint Drive in Elk Grove a painless transition. We were not looking forward to a long and tedious selling process and we were amazed at how quickly and efficiently the home sold. Their expertise and marketing techniques were very effective and we are very satisfied that we selected them to represent us.l Thanks again for a job well done!

Jim & Cathy Eckman


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